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1. Possible to oppose or resist.
2. Capable of moving opposite to and touching one or more other digits of the same hand or foot in a way that allows grasping: The thumb is an opposable digit.

op·pos′a·bil′i·ty n.
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1. capable of being opposed
2. (Anatomy) Also: apposable (of the thumb of primates, esp man) capable of being moved into a position facing the other digits so as to be able to touch the ends of each
3. capable of being placed opposite something else
opˈposably adv
opˌposaˈbility n
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(əˈpoʊ zə bəl)

1. capable of being opposed or resisted.
2. able to be placed against something else: the opposable thumb of primates.
op•pos`a•bil′i•ty, n.
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Adj.1.opposable - capable of being placed opposite to somethingopposable - capable of being placed opposite to something; "the thumb is opposable to the forefinger"
unopposable - not opposable
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"But you, who have opened the books and who share my awful confidence--you know him for what he is, brother to you and the dust, a cosmic joke, a sport of chemistry, a garmented beast that arose out of the ruck of screaming beastliness by virtue and accident of two opposable great toes.
But a dog, clutched by the neck from the back, can never be a match for two men, gifted with the intelligence and deftness of men, each of them two-handed with four fingers and an opposable thumb to each hand.
TENNIS Kiki opposable ATP/WTA BEIJING Sky Arena/BT Sport 1, 5.30am KIKI BERTENS fully deserves the success she has had this season, but while she has surprised a number of opponents in 2018 it may not be long before someone upends the Dutchwoman herself, writes Adrian Humphries.
I have been championing the "opposable grip," which uses the non-dominant thumb ever since.
Minding (right), although the best filly in the race, is opposable at such cramped price, while her stablemate Seventh Heaven can go well at a price.
Sir David explained how the ground-breaking scenes came about accidentally, as he had merely planned to get close to the animals to narrate a piece about the opposable thumb.
In truth, the reindeer's lack of opposable thumbs does hand the Manchester City and Barcelona stars a certain advantage - whatever Santa says.
Summary: Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramtane Lamamra reiterated Monday in Geneva his call for the launch of negotiations to completely eliminate nuclear weapons as part of a phased program and according to a timetable leading to a Convention opposable to all.
I believe that this hairless embryo with the aching oversize brain case and the opposable thumb, this animal barely up from the apes, will endure.
after all only the opposable thumb a mechanical aid to those who write