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1. Placed or located directly across from something else or from each other: opposite sides of a building.
2. Facing the other way; moving or tending away from each other: opposite directions.
3. Being the other of two complementary or mutually exclusive things: the opposite sex; an opposite role to the lead in the play.
a. Altogether different, as in nature, quality, or significance: The effect of the medication was opposite to that intended.
b. Sharply contrasting; antithetical: had opposite views on the subject.
5. Botany
a. Growing in pairs on either side of a stem: opposite leaves.
b. Arranged on the same radius as another part, as stamens and petals.
1. One that is opposite or contrary to another.
2. An opponent or antagonist.
3. An antonym.
In an opposite position: They sat opposite at the table.
1. Across from or facing: parked the car opposite the bank.
2. In a complementary dramatic role to: He played opposite her.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin oppositus, past participle of oppōnere, oppose; see oppose.]

op′po·site·ly adv.
op′po·site·ness n.
Synonyms: opposite, contrary, antithetical, contradictory
These adjectives mean marked by a natural or innate and irreconcilable opposition. Two things that are altogether different are opposite: Antonyms are words of opposite meaning."It is said that opposite characters make a union happiest" (Charles Reade).
Contrary stresses extreme divergence: Democrats and Republicans often hold contrary opinions.
Antithetical emphasizes diametrical opposition: engaged in practices entirely antithetical to their professed beliefs.
Contradictory implies denial or inconsistency: "contradictory attributes of unjust justice and loving vindictiveness" (John Morley).
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Adv.1.oppositely - in an opposite position
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They viciously snapped, not only at each other's disembowelments, but like flexible bows, bent round, and bit their own; till those entrails seemed swallowed over and over again by the same mouth, to be oppositely voided by the gaping wound.
Contract Notice: Glasgow Caledonian University operates student accommodation situated oppositely from the campus which houses approximately 660 students.
At the borders of these turbulent eddies the process of 'magnetic reconnection' was detected, whereby oppositely directed field lines spontaneously break and reconnect with other nearby field lines, thus releasing their energy.
Different from ferromagnetism, which is used in conventional hard drives, the spins of neighboring atoms within antiferromagnetic material are oppositely aligned, rendering the material magnetically neutral on a bulk level.
Some of the infalling matter becomes re-directed out of the accretion disk as dual, oppositely directed jets.
Electrons and quarks and other particles of matter all have oppositely charged antimatter partners.
Russian shares were trading oppositely directed: the best dynamics was indicated on the shares of mining companies.
They were given ample time (5 years) to prove their sincerity, honesty and transparency over the monies and other dividends and they chose to make Separation attractive by acting oppositely.
The color loss of Level 2 colorants during hair washing cycles can be partially attributed to anionic and amphoteric shampoo ingredients that can draw oppositely charged dye molecules from the hair cortex through the openings in the hair cortex.
But those oppositely charged subatomic particles don't exist in nature, either.