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1. Exercising power arbitrarily and often unjustly; tyrannical.
2. Difficult to cope with; causing hardship or depressed spirits: oppressive demands. See Synonyms at burdensome.
3. Hot and humid; sweltering: an oppressive heat wave.

op·pres′sive·ly adv.
op·pres′sive·ness n.
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Noun1.oppressiveness - a feeling of being oppressed
depression - sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy
weight - an oppressive feeling of heavy force; "bowed down by the weight of responsibility"
2.oppressiveness - unwelcome burdensome difficulty
difficultness, difficulty - the quality of being difficult; "they agreed about the difficulty of the climb"
ظُلْم، جَوْر، اسْتِبْداد


Unterdrückung f(of durch); (of taxes)(er)drückende Last
(fig)bedrückende Atmosphäre; (of thought)schwere Last; (of heat, climate)Schwüle f


(əˈpres) verb
1. to govern cruelly. The king oppressed his people.
2. to worry or depress. The thought of leaving her oppressed me.
opˈpression (-ʃən) noun
After five years of oppression, the peasants revolted.
opˈpressive (-siv) adjective
oppressing; cruel; hard to bear. oppressive laws.
opˈpressively adverb
opˈpressiveness noun
opˈpressor noun
a ruler who oppresses his people; a tyrant.
References in classic literature ?
There was a brooding oppressiveness in the air that seemed to bode something.
They writhed feverishly under the oppressiveness of an emotion thrust on them by cruel Nature's law--an emotion which they had neither expected nor desired.
The country as a whole was really increasing in prosperity; Edward was fostering trade, and the towns and some of the town-merchants were becoming wealthy; but the oppressiveness of the feudal system, now becoming outgrown, was apparent, abuses in society and state and church were almost intolerable, and the spirit which was to create our modern age, beginning already in Italy to move toward the Renaissance, was felt in faint stirrings even so far to the North as England.
But the mystery and oppressiveness vanished after the first few seconds of waking, when I identified the missing something as the wind.
As an important core-segment, besides entailing the technical aspects of the post-disastrous situation, the DESPO-2015 also sheds light on Myanmar's ongoing state of oppressiveness, that has already been well-crossing all of the defined extents of a 'hard genocidal clamp-down'.
As democracy leads to rising and falling incomes, generating large scale income inequalities, people tend to develop higher expectations for social mobility, and when the state is incapable of meeting rising demands for economic access and social mobility, personal grievances against the existing social order may be manifested through turbulence in the streets and the increased oppressiveness of the state.
Only in openness, in the absence of oppressiveness (Ausbleiben des Bedrangnis) can deep tedium awaken in us the process of thorough questioning (voile Fragen) through which deep tedium enables the fundamental attunement of our being there (Grundstimmung unseres Daseins; 245, 164).
They portray the grotesque pretensions and vulgarities of the visitors to the Bavarian spa, Bad Worishofen, as well as the oppressiveness of small-town bourgeois life.
The book challenges some prior assumptions about the oppressiveness of Ontario's liquor control regime.
43) While the Tayloristic rhythms of the assembly line are not quite realized in any of these films' representations of the workplace, there is a clear acknowledgement of this time-budget and its oppressiveness.
Its under-lit oppressiveness is mirrored by Mic Pool's faintlysinister soundscape with its hints of Miles Davis here and unsettling, laboured breathing there.
If so, we are headed for a disaster worse than the oppressiveness of a Protestant culture.