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Of, relating to, or produced by opsonins.

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Generally, protection against GAS infection has been correlated with presence of type specific opsonic antibodies against M protein (7).
F-type lectin from the sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax): purification, cDNA cloning, tissue expression and localization, and opsonic activity.
An impaired opsonic activity of antibodies has been reported in multigravid women coinfected with HIV and malaria as in comparison to those without HIV.
Nephelometer: an instrument for estimating the number of bacteria in suspensions used for calculating the opsonic index and for vaccines.
Diuresis of cirrhotic ascites increases its opsonic activity and may help prevent spontaneous bacterial peritonitis.
This concurs with the report of Cline and Lehrer who indicated that the opsonic property of Candida immune serum was attributed to the presence of specific IgG, and not to activation of the complement system.
The opsonic, or bactericidal, activity for the last cohort of the Phase II study has not be examined to date, but the vaccine-induced antibody increases detected by ELISA in this cohort are consistent with previous studies of StreptAvax that correlated vaccine induced antibodies with bactericidal or killing activity of the vaccine.
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