optic radiation

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Noun1.optic radiation - a nerve pathway from the lateral geniculate body to the visual cortex
nerve pathway, nerve tract, pathway, tract - a bundle of myelinated nerve fibers following a path through the brain
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Objective: "The present project aims at casting light on the neural and cognitive reorganization of visual function following unilateral lesion at various levels of the central visual system such as optic tract, optic radiation, primary visual cortex, extrastriate visual areas.
One of the case report for temporal glioma where optic radiation was involved.
This =text fixes reference levels for all radiation emitted by electromagnetic =fields (with the exception of optic radiation and ionizing radiation).
Optic radiation: Optic radiation or geniculo calcarine pathway arises in the lateral geniculate nucleus and is the relay station of fibres carrying visual impulses to the occipital lobe.