optical fusion

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Noun1.optical fusion - the combining of images from the two eyes to form a single visual percept
beholding, seeing, visual perception - perception by means of the eyes
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Tenders are invited for Supply of Optical Fusion Splicer,Type-Single Mode Fusion For Applicable Fibers Cables And Optical Time Domain Reflecto-Meter (Otdr),Type-Laser.
Nursery Novice SX, Juniors: 1 G Pettifer, Winvine DarkSecret; Seniors, 1 J Firth, Adonis; 2 S Green, Optical Fusion; 3 S Enderby, Anni.
The teaming agreement consists of two cooperative efforts, one for digital fusion, in which Raytheon is head contractor, and one for optical fusion, in which FIT is the lead.