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At the ripe age of 56 he converted to Divisionism, hailing the movement as 'a new phase in the logical march of Impressionism' and reworking his large canvas La cueillette des pommes (1886) in accordance with its principles of optical mixing by juxtaposing dots of pure colour on the canvas.
These reflector lamps utilize Makrolon[R] RW6267X polycarbonate for the optical mixing chamber - the area between the internal LED and the outer lens.
The neo-impressionists instituted a new form of impressionism based on two theories of color relationships presented by the French chemist Michel Eugene Chevreul: optical mixing, in which two juxtaposed colors can be seen to blend together to suggest a third, and simultaneous contrast, in which the perception of a particular hue is influenced by the ones that are placed next to it.
NEC developed a device for suppressing optical mixing (crosstalk) from undesired signals that occurs when switching between multiple optical signals within a switch.
To a great extent, the look of Krushenick's paintings remained remarkably consistent across the thirty-seven-year span covered by this selection: a limited palette of groovily bright and punchy colors; a combination of large areas of uninflected color with (often stripelike) patterning; blunt but dynamic compositions; forms outlined, cartoon like, in black, ostensibly to prevent optical mixing of hues.
There was also a need for non-centrosymmetric crystals with large birefringence which may exhibit second harmonic generation and allow optical mixing in the infrared.
Makrolon[R] RW6267X polycarbonate is utilized in the lamp's optical mixing chamber, the area between the internal LED and the outer lens.
A landscape by Klee, Rivage classique, a loose grid of small squares, is also close to abstraction, but is more directly reminiscent of the neo-impressionists, since 'optical mixing' of the colours is presumed to take place in the eyes of the viewer.
Beyond any optical mixing, his light seems to exist in our dazzled eyes.
Our Cover Story, "Pointillist Watercolor Paintings: Exploring Optical Mixing", presents a beautiful world of discovery.