optical rotation

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optical rotation

(Chemistry) the angle through which plane-polarized light is rotated in its passage through a substance exhibiting optical activity

op′tical rota′tion

the angle at which the plane of polarized light is rotated when passed through an optically active substance.
pouvoir rotatoire
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New "single-shot" or continual measurement of optical rotation or other related parameters, such as specific rotation, concentration or inversion, can be easily achieved using the instrument's simple Methods system.
Pi, P2 and P3 can be horizontal polarizer or vertical polarizer; LC can be constant optical rotation controlled liquid crystal unit or constant optically inactive controlled liquid crystal unit.
refractive index, optical rotation, specific gravity, congealing point, acid and ester number were variable in oil extracted through different methods.
Optical rotation was measured on a Jasco DIP-360 digital polarimeter.
Some cellulose derivatives like cellulose acetate, methyl cellulose or hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC) present changes in the optical rotation with wavelength and solvent, the latter determining specific interactions in solutions [7-10].

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