optical rotation

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optical rotation

(Chemistry) the angle through which plane-polarized light is rotated in its passage through a substance exhibiting optical activity
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op′tical rota′tion

the angle at which the plane of polarized light is rotated when passed through an optically active substance.
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pouvoir rotatoire
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An automatic polarimeter displays the optical rotation in a fraction of time as soon as the tube, filled with the sample fluid, is placed in its periphery.
The nature of glycosidic part in 4 was confirmed through optical rotation value and comparison of the Rf value of hydrolyzed sugar with that of standard sample.
DDS-307 conductivity meter (Shanghai Leid Instrument Factory) was used to evaluate the conductivity of solution; Spectrum One infrared spectrometer (PerkinElmer) was used to test the chemical composition of monomers and polymers; differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) analytical meter (NETZSCH DSC-204) was used for the measurement of thermal transition properties of monomers; Polarized Optical Microscopy (POM; Leica) was used for the observation of the texture of monomers; the Perkin Elmer 341 polarimeter was used to performed the optical rotation of monomers and SSX-550 type scanning electron microscope (SEM, Shimadzu) was used for the observation of the morphology of NF membrane.
T5: Reaction time of liquid crystal--from receiving the elec-signals by Lc, which is sent by g, to completing the change of optical rotation.
With our many additional in-house quality assurance tools, as refractive index, specific gravity, optical rotation, flash points, head space analysis and a variety of wet analysis capabilities, we make every attempt to identify anomalies that would affect our customers' products.
Luo, "Circular dichroism and optical rotation in twisted Y-shaped chiral metamaterial," Appl.
To obtain optical rotation the researchers used pairs of C-shaped meta-atoms, one suspended above the other by a fine wire.

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