optical scanning

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op′tical scan′ning

the process of interpreting data in printed, handwritten, bar-code, or other visual form by a device (op′tical scan′ner) that scans and identifies the data.
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The Department of Environmental Conservation is seeking qualified bidders to provide keypunch and optical scanning services.
business will integrate within Cambridge Technology, a GSI business unit and provider of galvanometer-based, optical scanning solutions for advanced industrial and medical applications.
Cambridge Technology designs, develops and manufactures beam steering solutions including galvanometer-based optical scanning components, 2-axis and 3-axis scan heads, scanning subsystems, high-power scanning heads, and controlling hardware and software.
It would be dandy if the county could have its optical scanning system in place by then.
With an optical scanning system, the voter indicates a choice on a paper ballot by coloring in an oval or completing an arrow, much like on standardized tests, said R.
Fast, accurate, high-resolution multi-point optical scanning sensors for three-dimensional profiling use 23 lasers and have up to 600% more profiling capability than most competing sensors at twice the speed, according to the company.
Through the maze of processing at millions of bytes of data per second, integration, satellite communication, graphical functionality, program interconnectivity, windows multi-tasking, optical scanning, stacked charts, and sophisticated financial reporting/-analysis, it is easy to understand the general confusion and worse, get caught-up in it.
Gannon recognized the industry trend toward the electronic delivery of documents and implemented and optical scanning system for EiDDS that serve as a model for the new venture.
Finally, there is at least one current product that combines, at a reasonable cost, fax and printing capability plus optical scanning all in one peripheral device.
AVANTE is proud to introduce a precinct-based optical scanning (PBOS) voting system that is as secure as its VOTE-TRAKKER[R] line of proven direct recording electronic (DRE) voting systems with the voter verified paper ballot (VVPB).
Tenders are invited for Electronic Optical Scanning Vote Tabulators and Related

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