optical scanning

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op′tical scan′ning

the process of interpreting data in printed, handwritten, bar-code, or other visual form by a device (op′tical scan′ner) that scans and identifies the data.
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SCOPE OF WORK: Electronic Optical Scanning Vote Tabulators and Related: The City is conducting this RFP process for the Electronic Optical Scanning Vote Tabulators and related scope of service.
It would be dandy if the county could have its optical scanning system in place by then.
With an optical scanning system, the voter indicates a choice on a paper ballot by coloring in an oval or completing an arrow, much like on standardized tests, said R.
Through the maze of processing at millions of bytes of data per second, integration, satellite communication, graphical functionality, program interconnectivity, windows multi-tasking, optical scanning, stacked charts, and sophisticated financial reporting/-analysis, it is easy to understand the general confusion and worse, get caught-up in it.
Finally, there is at least one current product that combines, at a reasonable cost, fax and printing capability plus optical scanning all in one peripheral device.
This patented, proprietary process combines state-of-the-art 3D optical scanning, advanced software-based expert systems, and sophisticated manufacturing methods to deliver patient-specific abutments requiring no hand-modification.
Contract notice: Organization of professional service contract vote by mail elections coupled physical count optical scanning vote.
is the developer of the patented retinal scanning display technology and a world leader in micro miniature optical scanning technology for display and imaging applications.
for its 900 Series, respectively, in the United States District Court in Rochester, on PSC's patent for an optical scanning device for detecting bar codes, United States Letters Patent 4,652,750.

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