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1. Of or relating to sight; visual: an optical defect.
2. Designed to assist sight: optical instruments.
3. Of or relating to optics.
4. Relating to or using visible light: optical astronomy.
5. Using light-sensitive devices.

op′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.optically - in an optical manner; "optically distorted"
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But it seemed that, when on the wharf, Queequeg had not at all noticed what I now alluded to; hence I would have thought myself to have been optically deceived in that matter, were it not for Elijah's otherwise inexplicable question.
The substance which are optically active tend to rotate the polarized light, whereas optically inactive substances attain an angle of 0A.
Liquid injection molding system (LIMS) products are said to offer advanced handling and molding properties in the production of optically clear silicone Wayfarer style eye glasses and magnifying lenses, along with an intricate four-petal duckbill valve.
With their typical gull wing joint style, located on the outside of the package rather than beneath it, these devices can be inspected optically. This can identify some issues that may arise but, as with other packages, if you can't see the problem optically, it does not mean it is not there!
Woollahra, Australia, May 11, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Optically.com.au, a leading digital retailer of high end branded eyewear, has launched its "home trial service" that can make trying and buying of eyewear easier for consumers.
The first is the recent development of optically rewritable LCDs.
The last paper of the session focussed on 'Micro Mirrors: Diffraction-Free Talents for Optically Variable Elements', and was presented by Dr Maik Scherer from Louisenthal.
At the end of the last century, NASA scientists pioneered the idea of using an optically transparent film to create an antenna [1].
Lars Berglund, a professor at Wallenberg Wood Science Center at KTH, says that, while optically transparent wood has been developed for microscopic samples in the study of wood anatomy, the KTH project introduces a way to use the material on a large scale.
The company has recently concluded a 10-day production run after which it delivered optically pure D(-) lactic acid suitable for conversion to bioplastics.

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