optically active

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optical activity

n. Chemistry
A property caused by asymmetric molecular structure that enables a substance to rotate the plane of incident polarized light.

optically active adj.
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The subject of the contract is the delivery of a system for detecting low molecular weight optically active substances.
Using DNA as a key tool, the scientists took gold nanoparticles of different sizes and shapes and arranged them in two and three dimensions to form optically active superlattices.
It details their sustainable design, the properties and characteristics of environment-sensing rubbers, optically active elastomers, and the combination of components required to formulate a smart rubber in a specific response class of actuating elastomers, with discussion of shape-memory elastomers, magnetorheological elastomers, and dielectric elastomers.
Bellingham + Stanley's ADP450 Polarimeter with XPC technology features Xylem's patented on-board Peltier temperature control system for measuring optically active samples at stable temperatures.
These unique properties provide the potential of designing novel optically active reagents for simultaneous molecular imaging and photothermal cancer therapy.
REMcodes are combinations of striped microparticles made of a tough, optically active polymer/ rare-earth-doped nanocrystal composite that resists sunlight, heat, solvents and other extreme industrial conditions.
Prior to VISX, Dr Holliday has worked primarily in academia as well as spent three years at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, where he was involved with the utilization of optically active polymers and crystals, to develop materials and techniques for very high density, holographic optical storage and computational systems.
Since the helical shape itself is chiral, if we can synthesize a polymer with a stable one-handed helical structure from an optically inactive achiral monomer, the polymer must be optically active.
The nature's ability to produce numerous chiral, optically active compounds, such as nucleic acids, proteins, and polysaccharides, inspired the scientists to develop new synthetic materials with properties as effective as those in the living systems [1-3].
28] succeeded in the first total synthesis of optically active my-inositol trisphosphate involving 13 stepsi from readily available myo-inositol [28,29].
Our calculations show that the surface defects introduce mid-gap states that are weakly optically active resulting in a lowest energy red shifted absorption band.
At the end of December the US Bureau of Engraving cancelled its Request for Proposals (RFP) for an optically active windowed security thread for the new $100, dashing industry hopes that the new design for the country's flagship denomination would feature a holographic device, as reported in HN January 2005 the January 2005 issue of Holography News[R].

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