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In the last few years, there have been some exciting developments involving optically active FAHFAs in pharma and, in particular, therapeutics directed to diabetes and inflammatory diseases.
The substance which are optically active tend to rotate the polarized light, whereas optically inactive substances attain an angle of 0A.
He continued: 'From a general perspective, this work enables the integration of high-quality, optically active, atomically thin material in a variety of applications, such as electronics, electro-catalysts, memory, and quantum computing applications.'
They cover sustainability in the design of rubber materials, environment-sensing rubbers, optically active elastomers, shape-memory elastomers, magneto-rheological elastomers, and dielectric elastomers.
Its optically active pigment technology also enables nondestructive UV light holiday detection.
Optically active aromatic Pis (a-d) were synthesized by the reaction of optically active diamine 6 (a-d) with aromatic dianhydride monomer (11) through the polycondensation procedure (Sch.
Using DNA as a key tool, the scientists took gold nanoparticles of different sizes and shapes and arranged them in two and three dimensions to form optically active superlattices.
Lactic acid has two optically active forms out of which L-lactic acid is the natural and most common form, whereas D-lactic acid is produced either by microorganisms or racemization.
Our results along with earlier studies [6, 7] suggest that the coherent potential approximation can be useful in interpreting the optical properties of two-dimensional systems with dominant nearest-neighbor interactions and Gaussian diagonal disorder provided the optically active states are Frenkel excitons.
Thus, the BS refractive index significantly increases (P < 0.01), and consequently, the surface of optically active structures increases up to 75.0 [+ or -] 6.5% (P < 0.01).

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