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Most favorable or desirable; optimum.

op′ti·mal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.optimally - in an optimal and most desirable way


[ˈɒptɪməlɪ] ADVde manera óptima, óptimamente
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Farmers in Boteti area have been urged to optimally take advantage of opportunities in the agriculture sector as government continues to develop and diversify the sector.
This flight demonstrates the next step in making optionally piloted and optimally piloted aircraft, a reality." This is the first full authority fly-by-wire retrofit kit developed by Sikorsky that has completely removed mechanical flight controls from the aircraft.
'Your performance, sense of commitment to duty, and professional competence in this instance remain critical to the ability of the police to prevent or optimally respond to these crimes.''
The company intends to use "OIL" as an abbreviation for Bitcoin Oil, which stands for Optimally Improved Ledger, implementing several crucial improvements to Bitcoin's existing distributed ledger platform.
"As a newly independent company we are optimally positioned to pursue innovative approaches to uncovering opportunities and implementing solutions to our clients' most pressing business challenges," said Arundhati Mehrotra, Global Head of Research.
Emphasizing political stability for optimally benefiting the project, Ahsan Iqbal said China achieved exemplary economic progress through political stability, social harmony, and continuity of policies.
By expanding its local expertise in development, applications technology and service, WACKER is able to optimally support local customers and business partners.
In a survey commissioned by Western Digital Co's (NASDAQ: WDC) enterprise storage unit HGST 86% of CIOs and IT decision makers surveyed believe that all data generated has value if the organisation is able to store, access and analyse it optimally.
To strengthen these programmes it has been decided to establish a high- powered Task Force to undertake a detailed review of the programmes' performance, assess their effectiveness, and to determine that these programmes are optimally operated and no overlapping in their scope and work is present.
The additional production capacities in East London are thus available at the right time to optimally serve the wishes of our customers."
The unique introduction concept ensures the successful implementation of CRM2Host: From the first contact customers are optimally supported, so they can participate in a free webinar to get a first overview of CRM2Host and seek first individual advice online.
The Sinamics frequency converters are optimally adapted to the low voltage motors and Siemens is also able to offer a complete system with a high power density and low noise level as part of its Integrated Drive Systems strategy.