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tr.v. op·ti·mized, op·ti·miz·ing, op·ti·miz·es
1. To make as perfect or effective as possible.
2. Computers To increase the computing speed and efficiency of (a program), as by rewriting instructions.
3. To make the most of.

op′ti·mi·za′tion (-mĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.optimization - the act of rendering optimal; "the simultaneous optimization of growth and profitability"; "in an optimization problem we seek values of the variables that lead to an optimal value of the function that is to be optimized"; "to promote the optimization and diversification of agricultural products"
improvement - the act of improving something; "their improvements increased the value of the property"


[ˌɒptɪmaɪˈzeɪʃən] Noptimización f
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But metalcasters' presence at the design table only can be achieved when they have the necessary resources and technology (CAE) to assist in the optimization of a casting design.
Topology Optimization--Topology optimization is a method of layout optimization that is most effectively employed at the early stages of the design process, ideally before the design is conceived.

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