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 (ŏp′yə-ləns) also op·u·len·cy (-lən-sē)
1. Wealth; affluence.
2. Great abundance or extravagance.
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(ˈɒp yə ləns)

also op′u•len•cy,

1. wealth, affluence.
2. abundance, as of resources.
3. the state of being opulent.
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 a wealth or abundance.
Examples: opulence of hair, 1878; of flesh, 1896.
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Noun1.opulence - wealth as evidenced by sumptuous livingopulence - wealth as evidenced by sumptuous living
wealth, wealthiness - the state of being rich and affluent; having a plentiful supply of material goods and money; "great wealth is not a sign of great intelligence"
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1. luxury, riches, wealth, splendour, prosperity, richness, affluence, voluptuousness, lavishness, sumptuousness, luxuriance the opulence of the hotel's sumptuous interior
2. wealth, means, riches (informal), capital, resources, assets, fortune, substance, prosperity, affluence, easy circumstances, prosperousness He is surrounded by possessions which testify to his opulence.
wealth want, lack, poverty, privation, penury, indigence, impecuniousness
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غِنى، ثَرْوَه، وَفْرَه


[ˈɒpjʊləns] Nopulencia f
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[ˈɒpjʊləns] n [building] → opulence f
(= wealth) → opulence f
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n no plReichtum m; (of person’s appearance also) → Wohlhabenheit f; (of clothes, building, room) → Prunk m, → Stattlichkeit f; (of car, chairs, carpet) → Feudalität f; (of décor, lifestyle, vegetation) → Üppigkeit f; (of figure) → Üppigkeit f, → Fülligkeit f; to live in opulenceim Überfluss leben
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[ˈɒpjʊləns] nopulenza
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(ˈopjulənt) adjective
luxurious; rich. They lived in opulent surroundings.
ˈopulently adverb
ˈopulence noun
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And so constantly do they abide and act by this maxim, that, in every parish almost in the kingdom, there is a kind of confederacy ever carrying on against a certain person of opulence called the squire, whose property is considered as free-booty by all his poor neighbours; who, as they conclude that there is no manner of guilt in such depredations, look upon it as a point of honour and moral obligation to conceal, and to preserve each other from punishment on all such occasions.
From the time of his settling in Alencon he had nobly admitted his poverty, saying that his whole fortune consisted in an annuity of six hundred francs a year, the sole remains of his former opulence,--a property which obliged him to see his man of business (who held the annuity papers) quarterly.
Situation, soil, climate, the nature of the productions, the nature of the government, the genius of the citizens, the degree of information they possess, the state of commerce, of arts, of industry, these circumstances and many more, too complex, minute, or adventitious to admit of a particular specification, occasion differences hardly conceivable in the relative opulence and riches of different countries.
Provincial debauches, petits-maitres of six hundred livres a year, shared the fragments of his opulence.
I did not know whether it was well written or not; I never thought about that; it was simply there in its vast entirety, its inexhaustible opulence, and I was rich in it beyond the dreams of avarice.
I invoke your consideration of the scene--the marble-topped tables, the range of leather-upholstered wall seats, the gay company, the ladies dressed in demi-state toilets, speaking in an exquisite visible chorus of taste, economy, opulence or art; the sedulous and largess-loving garcons , the music wisely catering to all with its raids upon the composers; the melange of talk and laughter--and, if you will, the Wurzburger in the tall glass cones that bend to your lips as a ripe cherry sways on its branch to the beak of a robber jay.
From this succession of excellent objects we learn at last the immensity of the world, the opulence of human nature, which can run out to infinitude in any direction.
He surveyed through the park railings the evidences of the town's opulence and luxury with an approving eye.
The elementary senses of it all seemed to be opulence and geometrical accuracy.
I could fancy that, when I was a child, or a youth, that portrait had spoken, and told me a rich secret, or had held forth its hand, with the written record of hidden opulence. But those old matters are so dim with me, nowadays!
The estate had formerly belonged to a gentleman of opulence and taste, who had bestowed some considerable attention to the adornment of his grounds.
His children were indulged in luxuries that his death was to dissipate, and enjoyed an opulence that was only co-existent with the life of their parent.