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Plural of os1.


(Anatomy) the plural of os2



n., pl. os•sa (ˈɒs ə)
a bone.
[1540–50; < Latin]



n., pl. o•ra (ˈɔr ə, ˈoʊr ə)
a mouth or orifice of the body.
[1730–40; < Latin ōs mouth]


1. Old Saxon.
2. Computers. operating system.


Chem. Symbol.


1. (in prescriptions) the left eye.
[< Latin oculus sinister]
2. old series.
3. ordinary seaman.
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We needed new technology to streamline clinical operations, said Edward Leftin, manager of clinical information systems at Ora, Inc.
During the show, Rita Ora posted a video to her social media with the crowd wishing the world a happy International Women's Day.
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Ms Ora spoke candidly during an appearance on US chat show The Tonight Show, admitting that she is "a spiritual person" and that "the Vatican is actually a big deal".
I'm so sorry," Ora told her as Wembley's SSE Arena erupted into chants of "Bring her back
Portola Pharmaceuticals, a company focused on the development and commercialisation of novel therapeutics to meet patient needs, has collaborated with Ora, a US-based global, full-service ophthalmic clinical research and product development company.