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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: of Delphi - (Greek mythology) the oracle at Delphi where a priestess supposedly delivered messages from Apollo to those who sought adviceoracle of Delphi - (Greek mythology) the oracle at Delphi where a priestess supposedly delivered messages from Apollo to those who sought advice; the messages were usually obscure or ambiguous
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
Delphi - an ancient Greek city on the slopes of Mount Parnassus; site of the oracle of Delphi
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After performing this last sorrowful duty, he set forth alone, and took the road towards the famous oracle of Delphi, as Telephassa had advised him.
"Sacred oracle of Delphi," said he, "whither shall I go next in quest of my dear sister Europa?"
More suspicious is the statement that Socrates received the first impulse to his favourite calling of cross-examining the world from the Oracle of Delphi; for he must already have been famous before Chaerephon went to consult the Oracle (Riddell), and the story is of a kind which is very likely to have been invented.
So Herodotus recounts that when the people of Cyrene asked the oracle of Delphi to help them in their dissensions, the oracle told them to go to Mantinea, and the Mantineans lent them Demonax, who acted as a "setter straight" and drew up a new constitution for Cyrene.
"They had a couple of very good dramaturgical ideas on things that they didn't think carried through, but they were mainly hands-off and tremendously supportive." In terms of diversity, "Head Over Heels" broke ground as the first Broadway musical to feature an openly transgender performer in a leading role: "RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 9 finalist Peppermint played the juicy role of Pythio, The Oracle of Delphi. With that in mind, Chicago's Kokandy Productions pledged to be more inclusive with its casting for "Head Over Heels."
But could the Greek commentary turn out to be as prophetic as the Oracle of Delphi - given that reviving bus tours is one of the ideas recently put back on the table by local tourism bosses.
After being rescued from a harrowing life as an Oracle of Delphi, Kahina is glad to be a part of the Hunt; living among a group of female warriors gives her a chance to reclaim her strength.
On Day 6, we left after a short hike downhill to see the ruins of the Temple of Athena just below the site of the Oracle of Delphi. Our four-hour drive to our next stop took us north to central Greece, going up the mountains to 5,000 feet above sea level.
On the 100th day, the envoys entered the Oracle of Delphi to ask the King's question, and the Pythia (the high priestess of the Temple) replied that 'she can smell a hard-shelled tortoise being cooked in a bronze cauldron with lamb's meat, and the cauldron is also covered with a bronze cover.'
The core concept of ekecheiria was the cessation of hostilities from seven days before until seven days after the Games, which, according to the legendary oracle of Delphi, was to replace the cycle of conflict with a friendly athletic competition every four years.
But, he too took Oracle of Delphi with a pinch of salt.
Philosophy was as popular as, say, rap is among the ignorant today, but as the Oracle of Delphi pronounced, "Socrates was the wisest of them all because he alone knew that he was ignorant."

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