oral examination

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Noun1.oral examination - an examination conducted by spoken communication
exam, examination, test - a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge; "when the test was stolen the professor had to make a new set of questions"
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An Oral Examination (Public Defense) is scheduled to be held on Thursday, 12th September, 2019, at 10.30 AM in the Video conference Room
An oral examination is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 at 10.30 a.m in the Video Conference Room of the Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology, Peshawar.
Oral examination revealed poor hygiene with pale pink, enlarged, and firm gingiva that bled on probing.
Request Free Sample Report @ https://www.mrrse.com/sample/16425 Based on equipment type, the global veterinary dentistry instruments & equipment market has been segmented into oral examination instrumentation, periodontal therapy equipment & instrumentation, tooth extraction instruments & equipment, and ancillary equipment.
The primary endpoint for the study is the median duration of severe oral mucositis, assessed by oral examination at each treatment visit and then through six weeks following completion of CRT.
LAKKI MARWAT -- The education department is going to replace the traditional oral examination system with written test in primary schools in Paharpur subdivision of Lakki Marwat district to assess students and judge performance of teachers.
The chapters are short enough for students, residents, and other young surgeons to read between cases or after a long day in the hospital, they say, and material could be very helpful for senior surgical residents and recent graduates who are preparing for the American Board of Surgery oral examination. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
'The ADA recommends that patients only choose a bleaching product after a consultation and thorough oral examination performed by a dentist.
The oral examination (Public Defence) is scheduled would be held on July 13, 2018 in Department of Pharmacy.
Although there are set of examples of certain organizations restructuring their oral examinations to a structured oral examination (SOE), format with recent research describing the students' response to the SOE has been limited, especially compared to OSCE formats.