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Whether for private or public usage, the oral history is a unique and worthy vehicle for any organization, business, foundation, religious group, educational facility, club or association.
Howard's researchers are creating an oral history documentation that examines the impact of the bill.
Over the past twenty years oral history has been a growth industry.
The bibliography of oral history is long on practice and short on theory.
Cavett, who has conducted other oral history projects and co-founded an oral history organization based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, draws together oral histories from people who lived, worked, or played in Saint PaulAEs historic black neighborhood called Rondo, mostly second or third-generation African Americans in their mid-50s to age 100 whose grandparents settled in Saint Paul at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.
Providing guidance and materials, five slim paperbound books cover, respectively, an introduction to community oral history (v.1); planning a project (v.2); managing the project (v.3); interviewing (v.4); and what happens after the interview (v.5).
Story Bridges: A Guide to Conducting Intergenerational Oral History Projects.
The oral history of Ruth Church Gupta is one of four oral histories conducted by the former California State Bar Committee on History of Law in California in 1987.
Kathryn Allamong Jacob was intrigued the moment she heard about the Worcester Women's Oral History Project.
From rugby league via Gaelic football to baseball, the Sport and Oral History Conference is telling sporting history from the people who were there.
The North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership's Living North Pennines Project - which has been backed by pounds 2m in heritage lottery funding - includes the production of an oral history record of the area.