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Gulzaib Durrani emphasized on the importance of oral cleanliness and said it is crucial to reduce the consumption of fizzy drinks and in Pakistan people usually do not consider oral hygiene to be as important as other aspects of overall health, but it is recommended that a person should go for a dental checkup bi-annually.
"Our work with the Oral Hygiene Initiative is one more example of how we are achieving this goal.
The relationship between gastric-oral helicobacter pylori and oral hygiene in patients with vitamin b12-deficiency anemia.
Dental disease caused by poor oral hygiene habits may jeopardize overall health of older veterans.
* Members of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) treat more than 5.8 million children, teenagers and adults in the US and Canada and, as such, pay close attention to important aspects of their treatment: their oral hygiene home care.
Summary: About 700 workers were screened from May 19 to July 31 in the first phase of Hamdan oral hygiene initiative.
The children were examined in their respective schools by the dentists from department of Dentistry of Government Medical College, Haldwani in an ordinary chair in broad day-light facing away from sunlight for oral hygiene and dental caries.
Madam daily brushing of teeth contributes towards good oral as well as general health.1-3 Association of poor oral hygiene with poverty tobacco use age and gender has been reported.1-4 To determine these factors association with self-reported frequency of brushing/cleaning teeth in the past 30-days in Moroccan students aged 13-15 years 2010 Global School-Based Health Survey (GSHS) data for Morocco was used.
VAP has been associated with poor oral hygiene, and this link has galvanized healthcare workers and researchers to explore effective methods of oral hygiene to reduce rates of VAP and other nosocomial infections.
Mumbai, India, November 21, 2014 --( Indian Dental Association (IDA) in its endeavor to reach out to the children of the country and to inculcate healthy brushing habits and oral hygiene amongst them has launched the “Healthy Smile Happy Smile” campaign on the occasion of Children's Day.
The communities of well educated people to which we believe oral hygiene would be considered important are also quite careless.
A number of companies have developed products aimed at helping parents instill good oral hygiene habits in their children, for example.