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The theory or practice of teaching hearing-impaired or deaf persons to communicate by means of spoken language.

o′ral·ist adj. & n.


1. (Social Welfare) a person who employs or advocates oralism in communicating with people who are deaf
2. (Rhetoric) a person skilled in oration or persuasion
(Social Welfare) of or relating to oralism as a means of communicating with people who are deaf
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She was also an articles editor for SMU's International Law Review, an oralist on Jessup International Law Moot Court Team, and an SMU Barrister.
24 at the University of Houston Law Center, and Tryon also won Best Oralist.
It's a semi-scholarly treatment that traces the frequent use of religious rhetoric by Deaf members to support sign language, and it analyzes Gallaudet's use of religious references in his speeches and presentations, considers different religious perspectives of the manualist and oralist trains of thought surrounding sign language, and examines this rhetoric in churches and other places deaf people congregate.
in international arbitration, won an honorable mention as best oralist in the competition.
Award for the best oralist went to Nora from the runner up team, Qatar University.
Mohamed Jassim al-Ibrahim won the first prize for best oralist in advocacy skills, while Noora Ali Haji was awarded runner-up (both Fall 2012) in the final round of the College's Advocacy Skills course, which required them to present oral arguments based on written submissions.
Awards were given for the following categories: Championship Team to The University of Jordan , Runner-Up Team to University of Bahrain, Best Claimant Memorandum to Sultan Qaboos University (Oman), Best Respondent Memorandum to Baghdad University (Iraq) , Best Individual Oralist --Claimant to Aisha Hassan Al-Emadi from University of Qatar, and Best Individual Oralist -- Respondent to Ali Haydar Kadhum from Baghdad University Since 2006, CLDP and CILE have introduced the Vis Moot in Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Jordan and Iraq.
4l) The most striking example of this phonocentrism in action was the largely successful Oralist movement in Europe and North America.
Many recent articles on themes and episodes in Homer have adopted this approach, thereby mediating the viewpoints of the (neo)analyst and the oralist, often without explicitly stating it as such, sometimes, perhaps, without even recognizing it.
Despite this oralist triumph, itself a Reflection of wider trends in French education, nineteenth-century schools for the deaf trod a very different path from other educational institutions.
Greenbaum Prize for best oralist in the competition, which ended April 12.
34) Subsequent projects included the creation of an oralist day school for deaf Jewish youth and formalized instruction for parents who might encourage their children to strengthen their throat and neck muscles in preparation for speech training.