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colored, coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"
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After the all-black dress code of Time's Up at the Golden Globes and British Academy Film Awards, and the white roses of #MeToo at the Grammys and Brit Awards, celebrities during the 90th Academy Awards wore orange-hued American flag pins in support of America's gun control reform.
The result is beautiful-a mound of orange-hued spicy fish curry sitting on coconut gel-and the taste cleaner and more distinctive.
Including a mirror, armchairs, an ottoman, and a cocktail table, the range's curved corners and metallic-and-glass palette reference art deco styling, while emerald green, dark gray, and deep orange-hued fabrics lend a modern twist.
He is also the president of the United States, which makes him the ideal poster boy (if this is the right expression for a coiffed, orange-hued 70-year-old) for the jihadists' claim that America is a corrupt and sinful society at war with Islam," he wrote.
Who deserves the peculiar honour of serving America just a heartbeat away from an orange-hued president?
As you'd expect, McCarthy (who co-wrote the script with her husband, Ben Falcone) delivers a typically rambunctious performance, clearly relishing a part so deliciously over the top and whose debt to Trump is underlined by her garish, orange-hued wig.
Instead, screw in a low-wattage conventional red bulb or consider "smart" LEDs for your bedside lamp, which transition from energizing white light in the morning to calming, orange-hued light before bedtime.
The vista's orange-hued foreground emerges from the left side of the frame.
More than four months after the Gold King blowout, toxic orange-hued waste still drains into headwaters of the Animas River--and some residents want the Environmental Protection Agency to consider draining a plugged nearby mine to enable a better cleanup.
Having ridden this orange-hued beauty over a mid-December weekend of mid-winter conditions at the central Vermont destination resort, I can say this is something most skiers and riders will definitely enjoy.
The simple photograph shows an orange-hued sunset, with the reflections of four young boys in the water lapping on the beach below.