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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - having the approximate size of an orange
sized - having a specified size
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But since I was surrounded by folks lighting off non-suppressed firearms in various centerfire calibers, the experience was a bit unsatisfying-it was all I could do to hear the muffled tink when I managed to hit the orange-sized steel gong.
They seemed to have an orange-sized brain cavity and odd premolar teeth, which were indicative of older species, but their jawline appeared modern.
Be sure to think in three dimensions while envisioning the placement of the orange-sized heart suspended in the chest.
"I do worry Kira's cancer will come back but we'd be very unlucky for this to happen and it's important to move on and look to the future." At 18-months-old Kira was diagnosed with a brain tumour and underwent 14-hours of surgery to remove the orange-sized mass.
Doctors said he may have had the orange-sized tumour since he was a child.
After the Caesarean birth, Lohan suffered severe internal bleeding when her womb ruptured, and had to undergo another surgery to remove an orange-sized cyst on one ovary - the two operations have left her body too torn to recover.
While getting the seeds out can be a bit of a struggle, the leathery-skinned, orange-sized fruit with the sweet-tart juice is definitely worth the extra elbow grease.
Butter your hands and roll the mixture into orange-sized balls.