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Adj.1.orangish-red - of red tinged with orange
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Multiple people shared images of an orangish-red moon, with many enthusiasts commenting on the cold they had endured or the hour they had to awake to get the shot.
This is particularly true of Neumann's abstract designs; a watercolor of mostly orangish-red and pink vertical stripes interspersed with just a few slender blue ones possesses surprising force.
0.2 mm long, distinct to the base and spreading perpendicularly, straight, undivided; stigma capitate; capsules on gynophores exserted 0.3 to 1.4 mm, narrowly to broadly ovoid, 0.9-1.1 mm long, 1.11.2 mm wide, 3-lobed, slightly sulcate between the carpels, columella 0.6-0.9 mm long; seeds elliptic to oblong-ovoid in abaxial outline, quadrangular in cross section, 0.7-0.9 mm long, 0.4 mm wide, bluntly pointed at the apex, rounded to truncate at the base, dorsal angle acute, subcarinate, uninterrupted, testa orangish-red to light brown, appearing smooth, but with obscure longitudinal rows of cells barely visible under 20X magnification, caruncle absent.