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 (ō-răng′, ô′răng)
n. Informal
An orangutan.
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(ɔːˈræŋ; ˈɔːræŋ)
(Animals) short for orang-utan
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(ɔˈræŋ ʊˌtæn, oʊˈræŋ-, əˈræŋ-)

also o•rang′u•tang`, o•rang′ou•tang`


a large, mostly arboreal, long-armed anthropoid ape, Pongo pygmaeus, of Borneo and Sumatra.
[1690–1700; < New Latin, Dutch < pidgin Malay: literally, forest man]
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Noun1.orang - large long-armed ape of Borneo and Sumatra having arboreal habitsorang - large long-armed ape of Borneo and Sumatra having arboreal habits
great ape, pongid - any of the large anthropoid apes of the family Pongidae
genus Pongo, Pongo - type genus of the family Pongidae: orangutans
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Orangs, it seems, have a specific call known as the 'kiss-squeak' made by pursing the lips together and drawing in breath between them.
Any intruder, however, is more likely to be frightened off by a big orang than a small one, and big orangs make a lower-pitched kiss-squeak than smaller ones.
Interestingly, in their dealings with humans, orangs have been found only to use the pitch-lowering leaf trick when approached by a human they have not previously had dealings with.
When they're young, orangs hang on to their mother's hair.
Fruit is the Number One treat of orangs. They prefer durian fruit (which tastes like sweet, garlicky custard).
So orangs have to remember where and when to visit each tree.