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Plural of os1.


(Anatomy) the plural of os2



n., pl. os•sa (ˈɒs ə)
a bone.
[1540–50; < Latin]



n., pl. o•ra (ˈɔr ə, ˈoʊr ə)
a mouth or orifice of the body.
[1730–40; < Latin ōs mouth]


1. Old Saxon.
2. Computers. operating system.


Chem. Symbol.


1. (in prescriptions) the left eye.
[< Latin oculus sinister]
2. old series.
3. ordinary seaman.
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The fear here is that companies are right on the edge of a problem orare anticipating something and are stretching their creditors again," Kuehl said.
Tres tipos de accion: orare, pugnare, agricolari-laborare" (9).
rogantibus), y con variante del verbo de peticion por el propio Plinio y otros autores latinos (con orare, Liu.
De cetero, cum Breviarium instauratum erit, probabiliter perplures religiosi cupient orare cum Breviario sacerdotali et parva Officia derelinquent.
The word oracle comes from the Latin verb orare "to speak" and properly refers to the priest or priestess uttering the prediction.
All Catholics know that school-day exhortation: Laborare est Orare (to work is to pray).
in cellis legere, scribere, orare, dormire, et etiam de nocte vigilare possint qui voluerint propter studium.
Aware of her shortcomings as a driver, she nevertheless asserts that God will help her with the exam in a near fusion of Benedictine laborare est orare, her religious belief, and commodity culture.
Reasons for this included that young women are "ignorant" (in the sense that they ignore information they receive orare heedless) or that young women actually want to get pregnant, because they see their peers doing it, because their family wants them to get pregnant, or because they want to get a child support grant (money provided by the South African government for primary caregivers making less than a certain amount of money per month).