orb weaver

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orb´ weav`er

n.1.Any spider of the family Araneidae (called also Argiopidae) that spins a web with a pattern of lines spiraling outward from the center. They have eight similar eyes. The golden orb weaver, Mephila clavipes, is known for the remarkable dragline silk it produces for use as a frame for its web and as a line on which it can plummet down and nab prey. This silk has a high tensile strength and is stronger than the toughest current synthetic polymer (Kevlar).
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According to a study by researchers at the University of Sydney, golden orb weaver spiders are found to be bigger in size.
Other cases involving invertebrates include birds trapped in webs of orb weaver spiders, of which there are numerous accounts in regional journals (e.
The spider belongs to the Nephila species, and researchers have shown that on average, it is the largest orb weaver known.
The numerically most abundant orb weaver is the small (body length ~ 4-6 mm) Araneus pratensis.
SIMPER analysis indicated that the orb weaver guild was the main contributor to dissimilarity between riparian swamp and plantation (Table 2b).
Small droplets, presumably of spider-produced glue used to make the web sticky, adorn two of the strands preserved in amber, another sign that the ancient web maker probably was an orb weaver, says Grimaldi.
Sarah learned that orb weaver spiders had spun webs the same way for over 125 million years.
Students, turned Payload Specialists, from the USA (Harvester Ants in Space), Australia (Garden Orb Weaver Spiders), China (Silkworm Zero-G Life Cycle), Israel (Chemical Garden), Japan (Flight of the Medaka Fish) and Liechtenstein (Spice Bees in Space) will all have experiments onboard the upcoming NASA STS-107 Space Shuttle Columbia scheduled for launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on January 16, 2003.
Orb Weaver Farm (2nd place in "Farmhouse Cheeses, Cow's Milk") and Taylor Farm (3rd place in "Smoked Cheeses") also ribboned.
In order to explore this new hypothesis, we performed a preliminary survey to compare a cribellate and an ecribellate orb weaver species in relation to their site tenacity and silk investment.
And the world's best web spinner may be the Golden Orb Weaver spider.