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Noun1.orb web - a circular spider weborb web - a circular spider web    
spider web, spider's web - a web spun by spiders to trap insect prey
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The mixture of orb web solution and povidone-iodine showed slightly slower wound repair than all other silk treatments.
However on closer inspection they are sitting in the middle of a long orb web, often suspended between two bushes, which can be three or four feet long.
But an orb web is equipped with special features that encourage bugs to blunder into the snare.
The most similar spider composition (75%) that we found, with the dominant spider guilds orb web weavers and other hunters, was between Huehuetlan El Chico and Ixcamilpa de Guerrero.
London, Apr 26 ( ANI ): Male orb web spiders, who only have two chances to mate in their lives that is made even more complex by the fact that females often eat them, still look around for heavier and more fertile females if they've mated with a small one the first time round.
Orb web spiders are characterized by the use of a web to capture prey (Turnbull 1960; Kajak 1965).
The thread of the orb web spider can be stretched 30 to 40 percent before it breaks
In a classic orb web (like the kind you'd expect to see in a haunted house), the toughest type of silk forms the arms of the frame.
On an orb web, for example, the spirals going around the web are sticky, but the spokes running out from the centre aren't.
A thread of orb web silk can stretch 200 times its length before it breaks.
The adhesive glycoprotein of the orb web of Argiope aurantia (Araneae, Araneidae).