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Adj.1.orb-weaving - of spiders who weave circular webs
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Age-dependent stabilimentum-associated predator avoidance behaviours in orb-weaving spiders.
Pasquet A, Anotaux M and Leborgne R (2011) Loss of legs: is it or not a handicap for an orb-weaving spider?
Cyrtophora citricola (Forsskal, 1775), is a common orb-weaving spider in citrus orchard in study area.
Orb-weaving spiders, for example, keep a tally of how many silk-wrapped prey items are stashed in the "larder" segment of their web.
To solve this problem, Arnold Glas borrowed an idea from orb-weaving spiders.
In fact, golden orb-weaving spiders, which are common in both urban and natural environments in Sydney and its surrounds, were getting fattest in those built-up areas with the most concrete, roads and buildings.
Some orb-weaving spiders will also shed organs used for mating.
Web-building and orb-weaving spiders often create highly elaborate webs designed to trap future meals.
In-vine (yellow sticky trap) beneficial insect species primarily included orb-weaving spiders, parasitic wasps and lacewings.
Habitat selection in a large orb-weaving spider: vegetational complexity determines site selection and distribution.
After retiring from the zoo in 2001, Robinson spent several months in Panama researching squid and orb-weaving insects.