orbital mechanics

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the principles governing the motion of bodies in orbit around other bodies under gravitational influence, such as artificial Earth satellites.

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Moon Express has used advanced orbital mechanics to enable this mission from low-Earth orbit," said Peter Beck, Rocket Lab CEO.
Stephenson's descriptions of hastily constructed habitats and rocket ships are easy to visualize, an his crisp narration and deadpan humor render the counterintuitive orbital mechanics that are crucial to his storyline entertaining as well as comprehensible.
The Lockheed Martin led team, which includes General Dynamics and AMEC, has decades of collective experience in space-related programs, including sensors, mission processing, cataloging, orbital mechanics, net-centric communications and facilities.
Orbital mechanics expert Bill Gray realised that the spacecraft would effectively be lost, so he alerted observers pointing out the need for follow-up astrometry via a message on the Minor Planet Mailing List.
The researchers combined their expertise in impact cratering and orbital mechanics to determine how much material was displaced by particular asteroid impacts and whether individual particles would land on Phobos, the closer of the two Martian moons.
Orbital mechanics and formation flying; a digital control approach.
For advanced students, engineers, and designers in satellite communications and engineering, Maral (Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications, France) and Bousquet (Ecole Nationale Superieure de l'Aeronautique et de l'Espace, France) cover the field of satellite communications engineering from orbital mechanics to satellite design and launch, and configuration and installation of earth stations, including the implementation of communications links and network set-up.
I already have pulled it from the shelf more than a few times, especially when confused by Russian organizational names or daunted by orbital mechanics.
College-level courses in particles and systems offer a mathematical treatment updated for the study of more advanced topics in quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics and orbital mechanics with CLASSICAL MECHANICS, recommended as a classroom text or for any advanced college course on mechanics theory.
Just as the Air Domain is governed by aerodynamic forces, and the Space domain by orbital mechanics, Cyberspace has mathematical, and electromagnetic principles at work.
Consequently, the NSSI sends prospective students CDs containing lessons on GPS, orbital mechanics, satellite communications fundamentals, and space environment.
Near-space provides persistence and proximity that orbital mechanics prohibits, with a price tag that space launch cannot approach.