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One who owns or cultivates an orchard.


(Agriculture) someone who manages or works an orchard


(ˈɔr tʃər dɪst)

a person who owns, manages, or cultivates an orchard.


a person who tends or cultivates an orchard.
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I recall such negativity from my days hanging around an Old Dalmatian orchardist at the foot of the Hills--silvereyes were the profanity he'd never otherwise utter, religious and alone in his shed.
Calvert, a noted Tasmanian yachtsman, orchardist and raconteur, commissioned Hobart-based naval architect Noel Jennings to design Huon Chief to the IOR rating rule, then used for ocean racing handicapping, including the Sydney Hobart Race and the One Ton Cup, regarded as the premier equal rating international event.
Sietsema is a decades-old family orchard transformed into a modern cidery by fourth-generation orchardist and cider maker Andy Sietsema.
The deal allows 45 investors in Okanagan Specialty Fruits to share $31 million worth of Intrexon stock and $10 million in cash, and the firm s founder and orchardist Neal Carter will stay on-board.
The days of the farmer, orchardist, business owner coming down and helping the community with a fire, then going back to work are pretty much gone," Burnett said.
NYSE: BKS), the leading retailer of content, digital media and educational products, today announced that Amanda Coplin's novel, The Orchardist (HarperCollins), and Cheryl Strayed's Wild (Alfred A.
Ian Sturrock, 64, a Bangor orchardist, was asked by an Aussie landowner for apple trees and has posted three 18-inchlong branches, with 20 buds on each, to New South Wales.
Her father, a lawyer, became an orchardist and married a woman who loved music and literature.
We got to see a lot of things, even on the technical front," said Manzoor Ahmed, an orchardist.
Arcimboldo chose as his subject not just what we take to be an estate gardener but the one on the lowest rung of the horticultural ladder, beneath the landscape architect, the hothouse grower, the rosarian, the herbalist, the orchardist,.
When JP McManus had a bob each-way on the 25-1 shot Orchardist in the 1962 Cesarewitch in Alf Hogan's betting shop in Limerick (first past the post, disqualified and placed second, the place part of the bet was no consolation), he could never have thought he would be hosting multi-million-euro charity events a quarter of a century later.
I yodeled the ditty on my way to visit Larry Rossi, an orchardist, who has been growing pawpaws for a dozen years.