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One who owns or cultivates an orchard.


(Agriculture) someone who manages or works an orchard


(ˈɔr tʃər dɪst)

a person who owns, manages, or cultivates an orchard.


a person who tends or cultivates an orchard.
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The deal allows 45 investors in Okanagan Specialty Fruits to share $31 million worth of Intrexon stock and $10 million in cash, and the firm s founder and orchardist Neal Carter will stay on-board.
Albert Ecke, a dairy farmer and orchardist in California, loved flowers.
Yates's most famous victory came when he won the 1962 Cesarewitch with Golden Fire in the stewards' room, thanks to an unlikely financial backer for his objection to Orchardist, who had passed the post a neck in front of his mount.
The Newtown Pippin, for example, is a squatty yellow apple of medium size with a susceptibility to scab when grown on clay soils--a real challenge for the commercial orchardist.
A typical commercial orchardist would have fed this tree to his fireplace seven decades ago.
Life is turning out to be a bowl of cherries--actually, bushels and bushels of the sweet, plump fruit--for orchardist Chet Kendell in North Ogden, Utah.
Group-class winners: Orchardist (1963 Paradise Stakes), Blue Refrain (1979 Jersey Stakes, 1980 Queen Anne Stakes)
Finally, Otto's books discuss characteristics and cultivation of each type of fruit tree in The Backyard Orchardist, and of each plant, vine and bramble in The Backyard Berry Book.
A local orchardist recently told me that his current best-seller is the Ida Red, and that a popular, all-purpose apple is the Empire.
Exchange of best orchard practices and showing North Central Washington hospitality were equally important in the past, according to Cashmere orchardist Smith who has hosted Kyrgyzstan ambassadors and other officials in his home.
Grandpa swore on his knowledge as an orchardist that the seedling was a wild, bitter peach tree.
Then we found a friendly orchardist in a nearby apple-growing region, a delightful man in his 80s, who knew the history of every tree in his orchard.