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 (ôr′kĭ-strə, -kĕs′trə)
1. Music
a. A large group of musicians who play together on various instruments, usually including strings, woodwinds, brass instruments, and percussion instruments.
b. The instruments played by such a group.
2. The area in a theater or concert hall where the musicians sit, immediately in front of and below the stage.
a. The front section of seats nearest the stage in a theater.
b. The entire main floor of a theater.
4. A semicircular space in front of the stage used by the chorus in ancient Greek theaters.

[Latin orchēstra, the space in front of the stage in Greek theaters where the chorus performed, from Greek orkhēstrā, from orkheisthai, to dance.]

or·ches′tral (ôr-kĕs′trəl) adj.
or·ches′tral·ly adv.


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Orchestrally and vocally, it was a happier evening, though both pit and the many fine voices had a hard time competing with Shaw's dramatic obstacle course.
Decisive themes in octaves, with a piano used orchestrally to give them bite, were surrounded with fringes, above and below, of effervescing figures, so that the music tingled with life and the sound seemed in an extraordinary way to have both intensity and extensity.
It is also Verdi's most complex and orchestrally sensational production.
Even when I play a solo Beethoven piano sonata, I think orchestrally.
He was given a double ovation as he took his leader's chair, guest conductor Andrew Litton, who has worked closely with him both orchestrally and in chambermusic, paid charming tribute, the players' faces radiated affection and admiration, and Laurence's final walk-off was like a modest lap of honour.
Curated by dance music duo and former Cream residents K-Klass, they will see their selection orchestrally come to life in a new light with symphony orchestra.
I'd been in touch with Steve myself at the end of last year because I was interested in performing Visage orchestrally.
I'd been in touch with Steve myself the end of last year because I was interested in performing Visage orchestrally.
From the time of Peter the Great up to Napoleon's disastrous 1812 campaign against Russia (as immortalized orchestrally by Tchaikovsky), Russian society was very interested in Western culture and cared little for its own native genius, which remained as yet unexplored.
Utopia is presented as a sparse area, open and welcoming with many characters, and the music has been scored orchestrally with the largest range and number of instruments used in the entire soundtrack.
16) Strayhorn's new introduction immediately announces the ballad's orchestrally lush stylistic updating in relation to the expressive and formal lexicon of the blues.