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 (ôr-kĕs′trē-ən) also or·ches·tri·na (ôr′kĭ-strē′nə)
A large mechanical instrument resembling a barrel organ that produces sound in imitation of an orchestra.

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The ride is a "Prachtbau, eine Art Wunderwerk der Ingenieurkunst" (98) and includes "ein Orchestrion, eine mechanische Orgel von auffallender Grosse" (98).
Since the extraordinary hour-long, continuous The Way Up, back in 2005, the wonder guitarist has chosen to do all sorts of other things, like solo acoustic guitar albums and fancy things with machines - his Orchestrion.
Pat Metheny: The Orchestrion Project,'' Sturbridge, 7 p.
Man hat es hier mit einem Gebilde irgendwo zwischen Musik-Clown, Orchestrion und der Maschinerie aus Charlie Chaplins Modern Times oder Fritz Langs Metropolis zu tun.
On display is an orchestrion or a rare kind of pipe organ -- touted to be one of only four in the world -- which used to play 45 tunes at the same time for almost three hours and it was audible throughout the palace.
El ano pasado nos sorprendio con una especie de declaracion publica en la que anunciaba su emprendimiento de una nueva aventura creativa: The Orchestrion Project.
And Pat Metheny brings his Orchestrion Tour to Eugene on May 2, with tickets ranging from $35 to $65.