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Noun1.orchidaceous plant - any of numerous plants of the orchid family usually having flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colorsorchidaceous plant - any of numerous plants of the orchid family usually having flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colors
mentum - a projection below the mouth of certain mollusks that resembles a chin
flower - a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
mentum - a projection like a chin formed by the sepals and base of the column in some orchids
family Orchidaceae, orchid family, Orchidaceae - enormous cosmopolitan family of perennial terrestrial or epiphytic plants with fleshy tubers or rootstocks and unusual flowers
orchis - any of various deciduous terrestrial orchids having fleshy tubers and flowers in erect terminal racemes
aerides - any orchid of the genus Aerides
angrecum - any of various spectacular orchids of the genus Angraecum having dark green leathery leaves and usually nocturnally scented white or ivory flowers
jewel orchid - any of several delicate Asiatic orchids grown especially for their velvety leaves with metallic white or gold veining
adam-and-eve, Aplectrum hyemale, puttyroot - North American orchid bearing a single leaf and yellowish-brown flowers
arethusa - any of several bog orchids of the genus Arethusa having 1 or 2 showy flowers
bletia - any of various orchids of the genus Bletia having pseudobulbs and erect leafless racemes of large purple or pink flowers
Bletia striata, Bletilla striata - Japanese orchid with white-striped leaves and slender erect racemes of rose to magenta flowers; often cultivated; sometimes placed in genus Bletia
brassavola - any of various tropical American orchids with usually solitary fleshy leaves and showy white to green nocturnally fragrant blossoms solitary or in racemes of up to 7
Brassia lawrenceana, spider orchid - South American orchid with spiderlike pale-yellow to pale-green flowers
Brassia verrucosa, spider orchid - Central American orchid having spiderlike flowers with prominent green warts
caladenia - any of various orchids of the genus Caladenia
calanthe - any of various showy orchids of the genus Calanthe having white or yellow or rose-colored flowers and broad leaves folded lengthwise
calypso, Calypso bulbosa, fairy-slipper - rare north temperate bog orchid bearing a solitary white to pink flower marked with purple at the tip of an erect reddish stalk above 1 basal leaf
Catasetum macrocarpum, jumping orchid - orchid having both male and female flowers in the same raceme; when a sensitive projection at the base of the column of the male flower is touched the pollen is suddenly ejected
cattleya - any orchid of the genus Cattleya characterized by a three-lobed lip enclosing the column; among the most popular and most extravagantly beautiful orchids known
helleborine - any of several orchids of the genus Cephalanthera
Cleistes divaricata, funnel-crest rosebud orchid, Pogonia divaricata, spreading pogonia - orchid of northeastern United States with magenta-pink flowers having funnel-shaped lip; sometimes placed in genus Pogonia
Cleistes rosea, Pogonia rosea, rosebud orchid - orchid of central and northern South America having 1- to 3-blossomed racemes of large showy rose-colored flowers; sometimes placed in genus Pogonia
Coeloglossum bracteatum, satyr orchid - orchid with broad ovate leaves and long-bracted green very irregular flowers
Coeloglossum viride, frog orchid - orchid having hooded long-bracted green to yellow-green flowers suffused with purple
coelogyne - any of various orchids of the genus Coelogyne with: clusters of fragrant lacy snow-white flowers; salmon-pink solitary flowers; chainlike racemes of topaz and chocolate brown flowers; spikes of delicate white spice-scented flowers; emerald green flowers marked with blue-black
coral root - a wildflower of the genus Corallorhiza growing from a hard mass of rhizomes associated with a fungus that aids in absorbing nutrients from the forest floor
helmet orchid, helmetflower - any of several orchids of the genus Coryanthes having racemes of a few musky-scented waxy flowers with a helmet-shaped lip process
swan orchid, swanflower, swan-flower, swanneck, swan-neck - any of several orchids of the genus Cycnoches having slender arching columns of flowers suggesting the neck of a swan
cymbid, cymbidium - any of various plants of the genus Cymbidium having narrow leaves and a long drooping cluster of numerous showy and variously colored boat-shaped flowers; extensively hybridized and cultivated as houseplants and important florists' flowers
cypripedia - a plant or flower of the genus Cypripedium
ladies' slipper, lady's slipper, lady-slipper, slipper orchid - any of several chiefly American wildflowers having an inflated pouchlike lip; difficult or impossible to cultivate in the garden
marsh orchid - any of several orchids of the genus Dactylorhiza having fingerlike tuberous roots; Europe and Mediterranean region
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Highlights will include A Monograph of Odontoglossum, an impressive oversized volume published by British horticulturalist James Bateman in 1874, and Illustrations of Orchidaceous Plants, produced in the 1830s by Austrian artist Francis Bauer, considered one of the greatest botanical illustrators of all time.