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 (ôr′kĭl, -chĭl) also ar·chil (är′-)
1. Any of several lichens, chiefly of the genus Roccella, from which a dye is obtained.
2. The violet dyestuff obtained from any of these lichens.

[Middle English orchell, ultimately from Old Catalan orxella, from Andalusian dialectal Arabic 'urjālla, of Mozarabic origin, ultimately from Latin ōricilla, a little ear (probably from the resemblance of the lichens to growths on the fetlocks of mules, somewhat resembling little ears ), diminutive of auris, ear; see auricle.]
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(ˈɔːkɪl; -tʃɪl) or


1. (Plants) any of various lichens, esp any of the genera Roccella, Dendrographa, and Lecanora
2. (Dyeing) Also called: cudbear a purplish dye obtained by treating these lichens with aqueous ammonia: contains orcinol, orcein, and litmus
[C15: from Old French orcheil, of uncertain origin]
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(ˈɔr kɪl, -tʃɪl)

1. a violet-red dye obtained from certain lichens.
2. any lichen yielding this dye.
[1475–85; < Middle French orcheil, orseil (French orseille) < Catalan orxella, orcella < Mozarabic orchella]
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Noun1.orchil - a purplish dye obtained from orchil lichensorchil - a purplish dye obtained from orchil lichens
dye, dyestuff - a usually soluble substance for staining or coloring e.g. fabrics or hair
2.orchil - any of various lecanoras that yield the dye archil
genus Lecanora - type genus of Lecanoraceae; crustaceous lichens
lecanora - any lichen of the genus Lecanora; some used in dyeing; some used for food
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