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(Placename) a river in NE Western Australia, rising on the Kimberley Plateau and flowing generally north to the Timor Sea: subject of a major irrigation scheme. Length: about 500 km (300 miles)


1. order.
2. ordinal.
3. ordinance.
4. ordinary.
5. ordnance.
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The counsellor suspected 37-yearold Ord was not 18, but he continued to claim the young girl was there dancing for him.
Ord had the hosts' best chances but twice shot wide.
Just hours after he was found guilty by a jury, his dad, Geoffrey Ord, went to the home of a witness while drunk, angry and armed with a rounders bat.
But Mr Ord said that had nothing to do with the timing of his April departure, when he takes up a new role within the BBC based at its Media City centre at Salford Quays.
I had never heard of Muir of Ord but having done research on the internet, it looks beautiful.
ord, of colchester, Essex, denied the charges until after she made a failed suicide attempt.
Mrs Ord said: "We were standing half an hour before.
15pm yesterday, 21-year-old Ord was happily batting away for the Bears 2nds in a 2nd XI Trophy game against Durham at Chester-leStreet CC's ground, opposite the Riverside Test arena way up north.
And after the match was abandoned, just as the floodlights were warming up, the youngster was straight back on the M1 again - albeit as a passenger as the bears hired a driver to save Ord clocking up 600-odd miles - the destination being Durham for the start of the three-day Second XI Championship fixture today.
However, it was a far from straightforward call to answer for Ord, as he was playing a Second XI Trophy match against Durham at Chester-le-Street Cricket Club.
The company president and chief executive officer, Todd Becker, said, 'The start-up of the Ord plant within eight days of completing the purchase is a testament to our operational experience and our considerable understanding of the plant technology.