order Chlorococcales

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Noun1.order Chlorococcales - unicellular green algae that reproduce by spores
protoctist order - the order of protoctists
Chlorophyceae, class Chlorophyceae - algae distinguished chiefly by having flagella and a clear green color, their chlorophyll being masked little if at all by other pigments
Chlorococcum, genus Chlorococcum - type genus of Chlorococcales; unicellular green algae occurring singly or in a layer on soil or damp rock
genus Chlorella - nonmotile unicellular green algae potentially important as source of high-grade protein and B-complex vitamins
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The coenobial freshwater algae, Pediastrum are members of the family Hydrodictyaceae which is placed within the order Chlorococcales of the Chlorophyta (3).
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