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Noun1.order Commelinales - an order of monocotyledonous herbs
plant order - the order of plants
Commelinidae, subclass Commelinidae - one of four subclasses or superorders of Monocotyledones; comprises about 19,000 species in 25 families of mostly terrestrial herbs especially of moist places including: Cyperaceae; Gramineae; Bromeliaceae; and Zingiberaceae
family Xyridaceae, Xyridaceae, yellow-eyed grass family - plants of tropical to temperate regions; usually in wet places
Commelinaceae, family Commelinaceae, spiderwort family - large widely distributed family of chiefly perennial herbs or climbers: spiderworts
Bromeliaceae, family Bromeliaceae, pineapple family - a family of tropical American plants of order Xyridales including several (as the pineapple) of economic importance
family Mayacaceae, Mayacaceae - a monocotyledonous family of bog plants of order Xyridales
family Rapateaceae, Rapateaceae - South American herbs somewhat resembling members of the Juncaceae
Eriocaulaceae, family Eriocaulaceae, pipewort family - chiefly tropical aquatic or bog herbs: pipeworts
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In order to consistently reconstruct the ancestral state of the order, we reconstructed the ancestral pollination syndrome for the sister group of the Zingiberales, the order Commelinales. Bee pollination is common in this order (Buchmann, 1980; Faden, 1992; Hardy et al., 2009; Hopper & Burbidge, 1978; Husband & Barrett, 1992; Orth & Waddington, 1997) with bird pollination reported only for the genus Anigozanthos (family Haemodoraceae) (Hopper & Burbidge, 1978) and bat pollination not reported at all (Fleming et al., 2009).