order Crocodilia

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Noun1.order Crocodilia - crocodiles; alligators; caimans; gavials
animal order - the order of animals
Archosauria, subclass Archosauria - a large subclass of diapsid reptiles including: crocodiles; alligators; dinosaurs; pterosaurs; plesiosaurs; ichthyosaurs; thecodonts
crocodilian, crocodilian reptile - extant archosaurian reptile
Alligatoridae, family Alligatoridae - alligators; caimans
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Complex social signs and behavioral displays are present in all genera of the order Crocodilia. Crocodilians feature high vocal and hearing capacities and their sexual and parental interactions are marked by different vocalizations (Wever 1971, Vergne & Mathevon 2008, Benko & Perc 2009, Wang et al.
The black caiman (Melanosuchus niger) belongs to the order Crocodilia and family Alligatoridae.