order Eurotiales

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Noun1.order Eurotiales - order of fungi having a closed ascocarp (cleistothecium) with the asci scattered rather than gathered in a hymenium
fungus order - the order of fungi
class Plectomycetes, Plectomycetes - class of fungi in which the fruiting body is a cleistothecium (it releases spores only on decay or disintegration)
Eurotium, genus Eurotium - a genus of fungi belonging to the order Eurotiales
Aspergillaceae, family Aspergillaceae - family of fungi including some common molds
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Aspergillusfumigatus and Penicillium commune of the order Eurotiales are also capable of producing ergot alkaloid (Katy et al., 2013; Wallwey and Li, 2011; Panaccione, 2010).
IsolateTUP8 clustered with Paecilomyces had 100% bootstrap belonged to the order Eurotiales. Also TUC9 branched to a new cluster of Cladosporium with 100% bootstrap and classified to order Capnodiales.