order Mycelia Sterilia

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Noun1.order Mycelia Sterilia - order of imperfect fungi having no known spore stage
fungus order - the order of fungi
Deuteromycota, Deuteromycotina, Fungi imperfecti, subdivision Deuteromycota, subdivision Deuteromycotina - large and heterogeneous form division of fungi comprising forms for which no sexually reproductive stage is known
form genus Rhizoctinia, genus Rhizoctinia - form genus of imperfect fungi some species of which are now placed in genera Pellicularia and Corticium because their perfect stages have been found
genus Ozonium, Ozonium - form genus of imperfect fungi
genus Sclerotium, Sclerotium - form genus of sterile imperfect fungi; many form sclerotia; some cause sclerotium disease in plants
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