order Perissodactyla

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Noun1.order Perissodactyla - nonruminant ungulates: horsesorder Perissodactyla - nonruminant ungulates: horses; tapirs; rhinoceros; extinct forms
animal order - the order of animals
Eutheria, subclass Eutheria - all mammals except monotremes and marsupials
odd-toed ungulate, perissodactyl, perissodactyl mammal - placental mammals having hooves with an odd number of toes on each foot
Equidae, family Equidae - horses; asses; zebras; extinct animals
family Tapiridae, Tapiridae - tapirs and extinct related forms
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All three of these animals belong to the order Perissodactyla (pair-ISS-oh-DAK-til-uh).
Rhinos are mammals belonging to the order Perissodactyla, meaning "odd-toed" ungulates, a group that includes horses, rhinos, and tapirs.
Although animals of the order Perissodactyla, family Equidae, have previously been considered not susceptible to ovine herpesvirus 2 (OvHV-2), we show that horses may be infected by this virus.