order Spatangoida

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Noun1.order Spatangoida - heart-shaped sea urchins
animal order - the order of animals
class Echinoidea, Echinoidea - sea urchins and sand dollars
heart urchin - sea urchin having a heart-shaped body in a rigid spiny shell
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Phylum Echinodermata Class Echinodea Order Spatangoida Family Loveniidae Lovenia cordiformis Agassiz, 1872, heart urchin (Fig.
The heart urchin Brisaster fragilis is an irregular sea urchin belonging to the Echinodermata order Spatangoida; a group that is adapted to dig or burrow within the ocean bottom sediments.
Superorder Atelostomata Order Spatangoida Suborder Micrasterina Family Spatangidae Genus Spatangus GRAY, 1825 Spatangus corsicus DESOR P1.7, fig.