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n. Ecclesiastical
A person who is a candidate for ordination.

[From Latin ōrdinandus, gerundive of ōrdināre, to set in place, appoint; see ordinate.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) Christianity a candidate for ordination


(ˈɔr dnˌænd)

a candidate for ordination.
[1835–45; < Late Latin ōrdinandus, ger. of ōrdināre to ordain]
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Noun1.ordinand - a person being ordained
clergyman, man of the cloth, reverend - a member of the clergy and a spiritual leader of the Christian Church


[ˈɔːdɪnænd] Nordenando m


nPriesteramtskandidat(in) m(f)
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In 2004 she became Director of Ordinands and an Honorary Canon.
He also urged the congregation to assist the ordinands in their good work of serving and doing the will of God.
Caption: Rebecca Hind painting in the Bishop Edward King Chapel during a study week for ordinands organised by ACE in 2013
In Ireland similarly, regular Mass attendance among Catholics has plummeted, and seven out of eight Catholic seminaries have closed, leaving just 19 ordinands to begin training this September.
John's College, University of Durham, and was director of ordinands for the Derby diocese.
Logan opens with a description of the canonical requirements for clerical learning in both the western Catholic Church as a whole and the provinces of Canterbury and York, particularly the rather vague requirement that ordinands be examined on their learning.
The program attracted a diverse group of people, from the Arctic to Newfoundland to British Columbia: ordained deacons and priests, ordinands and lay people taking leadership roles in their congregations or preparing to do so.
4) If I do not miss my guess, if the expansion of the powers of the centrally controlled secular state are not attenuated soon, the coming years will call for a new raft of illegal, underground seminaries experiencing the presence of Christ and preparing its ordinands to speak the truth to power.
Archbishop Barry Morgan may not have a two-thirds constitutional majority, but we all know that the Welsh Anglican bishops are already turning a blind eye to partnered gay clergy and ordinands.
She served as diocesan director of ordinands also in Durham Diocese for two years, and then nationally as part of the Springboard Team for four years.
We also taught ordinands and clergy undergoing continuing education (who came for some "world church" experience), mission and development executives, and clergy and church workers arriving to minister in Britain.