ordinary care

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Noun1.ordinary care - the care that a reasonable man would exercise under the circumstances; the standard for determining legal duty
guardianship, tutelage, care, charge - attention and management implying responsibility for safety; "he is in the care of a bodyguard"
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Being more finely formed, better educated, and, though the youngest except Retty, more woman than either, she perceived that only the slightest ordinary care was necessary for holding her own in Angel Clare's heart against these her candid friends.
The affection which exists between these two - the master and the pupil - is as far removed from all ordinary care and regard, as the circumstances in which it has had its growth, are apart from the common occurrences of life.
Exercise a little ordinary care, you ivory-skulled young son of a gun.
At trial, Smith requested a modification to the standard jury instruction regarding a landlord's duty of ordinary care to a tenant, WIS JICIVIL 8020 (2013).
If plaintiff had exercised ordinary care, she could have avoided falling down the ravine," the court wrote.
"At the time of/and immediately prior to the complained of occurrence, Donald Tentler failed to exercise ordinary care for his own safety and such failure was the sole proximate cause of the injury of which plaintiff now complains," wrote Meghan Gonnissen, an attorney defending the mall.
Ms Reilly, the employer says, did not exercise ordinary care or common sense when making the payments and she was dismissed for gross misconduct.
"Patterson Drilling had the most direct control over the drilling operations and emergency response to changing conditions and failed to use ordinary care with respect to its conduct."
The nature of the hazard allegedly created by the shipyard's conduct was that asbestos fibers, the inhalation of which could cause mesothelioma, regularly accumulated on the clothes of workers during the day and were released again when those workers returned home and had their clothes washed, thus placing Wanda and others similarly situated within reach of the shipyard's conduct and within the "zone of danger." This created a "recognizable risk of harm" to those sharing living quarters with the workers, resulting in a duty of ordinary care to that class of persons.
Exposure and risk for a facility arise out of a property owner's duty to exercise ordinary care to protect persons from unreasonable risks of harm of which the owner has superior knowledge.
What a sick person needs, besides medical care, is love, the human and supernatural warmth by all those close to him or her, parents, and children, doctors and nurses." Therefore, what is required is not passive euthanasia but palliative care when the patient is given all ordinary care with love and affection and respect for the dignity of the person.