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A plural of ordo.
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Systema Naturae per regna tria naturae, secundum classis, ordines, genera, species cum characteribus, differentiis, synonymis, locis.
Tambien dedicada al estudio de los ordines locales en la documentacion juridica imperial esta la aportacion de Jose Manuel Colubi Falco, <<Curias locales y curiales en el Corpus Teodosiano>> (pp.
The topics include the survival of customary justice and resistant to its displacement by the new Ordines Iudiciorum as evidence by francophone literature of the high middle ages, women as victims and criminals in the Siete Partidas, wardens and jailers in 14th-century southern France, equal opportunity vengeance in the Heptameron of Marguerite de Navarre, and some cozeners in Shakespeare's England.
The Origin and Development of Quasi-Dramatic Passion Music" studies a broad chronological range of material from the earliest ordines and chant manuscripts through the seventeenth century.
Tiene en cuenta los citados ordines asi como a la constitucion apostolica Universi Dominici Gregis (1996) en lo que se refiere a la vacacion de la Sede Apostolica y la posterior eleccion pontificia.
He returned to the usage "German empire" about ten years later in the De finibus imperii Germanici (1654), again in De pace perpetua inter imperii Germanici ordines religione dissidentes servanda (1657), and above all the Exercitationes academicae de republica imperii Germanici (1674).
Chapter 3 divides Roman society into an upper and lower stratum with gradations in each: the upper includes the ordines and ruling families, the wealthy, and their retainers; the lower incorporates the relatively and the absolutely poor.
Adrian Nocent, better known for his work on the early Roman sacramentaries and Ordines, looks at the historical paradigms used in the making of the present 'Typica' liturgical books, particularly RCIA and the marriage rites.
No obstante, se pueden observar dos tendencias que se pueden agrupar de la siguiente manera: por una parte tendriamos el analisis de las elites (de los ordines en la mayoria de casos) desde una perspectiva general o como grupo social; por otra, y de manera contrapuesta, tendriamos los estudios de casos particulares, de miembros de la elite o familias muy concretos.
In general, monks exerted an all-pervasive influence on the development of penance by writing liturgical ordines and narrative texts, educating priests who served churches dependent on monastic houses, and dispensing pastoral care.
Yves Congar, in a brilliant exploration into the words ordinare and ordinatio, suggests that particularly in the period before the 13th century considerable diversity existed both over what constitutes an ordinatio and which states or ordines should be considered "clerical.
Then he translates and comments on ordines from the Anglo-Norman realm during the remainder of the 12th century.