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 (ôr′dn-əns, ôr′dô-näNs′)
The arrangement of elements in a literary or artistic composition or an architectural plan.

[French, variant of Old French ordenance, an arranging; see ordinance.]
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(ˈɔːdənəns; French ɔrdɔnɑ̃s)
1. (Art Terms) the proper disposition of the elements of a building or an artistic or literary composition
2. (Law) an ordinance, law, or decree, esp in French law
[C17: from Old French ordenance arrangement, influenced by ordonner to order]
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(ˈɔr dn əns; Fr. ɔr dɔˈnɑ̃s)

n., pl. -don•nanc•es (-dn ən sɪz; Fr. -dɔˈnɑ̃s)
the arrangement or disposition of parts, as of a building, picture, or literary work.
[1635–45; < French, alter. of Old French ordenance ordinance, by influence of donner to give]
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The ordonnance colors, quartered cross-wise, violet and dead leaf, with a sprinkling of golden fleurs-de- lis , left the white-colored flag, with its fleur-de-lised cross, to dominate the whole.
"Les ordonnances" were in her mouth constantly, and it was easy to perceive that she attached the greatest importance to these ordinances, whatever they were, and fancied a political millennium was near.
{Les ordonnances = four decrees establishing absolute rule, issued by King Charles X on July 25, 1830, which touched off the July Revolution, leading to his abdication on July 31, and the installation of the Duke of Orleans as Louis Philippe I, King of the French--Cooper was living in Paris during this period, though he returned there from Italy and Germany a few days after the July Revolution itself, and he was a close friend of the Marquis de Lafayette who played a major part in the Revolution and its aftermath; for Cooper and many others, the ultimate results of the Revolution were a serious disappointment, since the new King seemed rapidly to become almost as conservative as the old}
"One moment, -- does not the king sign the ordonnances?"
Une habitante du Cap au centre du cas d'enlevement le plus dramatique jamais vecu en Afrique du Sud, a obtenu une ordonnance du tribunal pour voir son identite revelee.
Elle evoque plusieurs affaires en justice ou des medecins se sont retrouves sur le ban des accuses pour avoir prescrit une ordonnance pour une personne dont le nom est different de celui de la personne malade.
Ensuite de quoi il a fait appel de cette decision devant la chambre de mise en accusation qui a rendu, ce vendredi, son ordonnance de rejet.
Le juge Taiwo a rendu l'ordonnance dans une decision relative a une demande du DSS visant a obtenir une ordonnance lui permettant de placer Sowore en detention pendant 90 jours, en attendant la conclusion de son enquete.