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Any of various extinct sheep-sized ruminant artiodactyls that were widespread during the Eocene through the Pliocene Epochs in North America. They are usually placed in the group Oreodontoidea.

[From New Latin Oreodōn, type genus : Greek oros, ore-, mountain + Greek -odōn, -odont-, -odont.]
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(ˈɔːrɪəˌdɒnt) palaeontol
(Palaeontology) an extinct prehistoric mammal with hog-like qualities
(Palaeontology) relating to the family Oreodontidae
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People's Choice: Meaghan Emery, "Variation in Modern Artiodactyls and Implications for Oreodont Phylogeny"
Zachary Taggart, 16, of South Wales, New York, found a piglike deer, or oreodont, adapted for roaming grasslands.
At Sheep Rock the mammals are the most important fossils, among them the oreodont, a pig-size creature that grazed in herds.