organ of hearing

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Noun1.organ of hearing - the part of the ear that is responsible for sensations of sound
sense organ, sensory receptor, receptor - an organ having nerve endings (in the skin or viscera or eye or ear or nose or mouth) that respond to stimulation
ear - the sense organ for hearing and equilibrium
organ of Corti - the hearing organ of the inner ear; contains receptors that respond to sound waves
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Then came another rush of sea-fog, greater than any hitherto, a mass of dank mist, which seemed to close on all things like a gray pall, and left available to men only the organ of hearing, for the roar of the tempest, and the crash of the thunder, and the booming of the mighty billows came through the damp oblivion even louder than before.
Professionals for whom the organ of hearing is absolutely crucial include vehicle drivers, pilots, soldiers, police officers, street wardens, firemen, miners, air and ground traffic control workers, workers exposed to the risk of falling from heights (heavy equipment operators, controllers) and even professional musicians [4-7].
Bats have developed the organ of hearing to help them "see" in the dark.