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also or·gan·die  (ôr′gən-dē)
n. pl. or·gan·dies
A stiff, sheer, usually cotton fabric, used for trim, curtains, and light apparel.

[French organdi, perhaps after Old French Organzi (Urganch), a city of western Uzbekistan.]
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or or•gan•die

(ˈɔr gən di)

n., pl. -dies.
a fine, thin cotton fabric usu. having a crisp finish, used for dresses, curtains, etc.
[1825–35; < French organdi, obscurely akin to organsin organzine]
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Noun1.organdy - a sheer stiff muslin
muslin - plain-woven cotton fabric
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She was dressed in the sweetest dress of pale-pink organdy, with dozens of frills and elbow sleeves, and she looked just like a seraph.
Fabrics I used by mixing and matching are linen, rayon, organdy, leather, mesh and cotton in this casual yet edgy line of apparel for the men's collection.
They were maintained at 27 [+ or -] 3 [degrees]C with a relative humidity of 65 [+ or -] 5% and a photoperiod of 12 h in glass containers that were sealed with perforated plastic lids and internally coated with an organdy mesh screen to allow gas exchange.
The Victorian reference is evident in the flounced sleeves of the organdy blouses and long, modest skirts, but the feel of the collection is very now and modern.
Lightweight fabrics, such as organdy or dotted Swiss, gather nicely to 1/3 of their original length.
Bold and beautiful Begonia semperflorens Organdy Mixed is grown from F1 seed - the best quality seed on the market.
A stunning mixture of Begonia semperflorens Organdy Mixed, grown from F1 Seed, the best quality seed on the market.
The cones were fitted with a plastic transparent tube covered on the top with an organdy cloth.
The pots were covered with organdy cloth, tightened with rubber bands to avoid the escape of insects.
They broadly use only three types of materials - Cotton, Organdy and Handloom fabric for crafting bedsheets, bedcovers, pillow covers, cushion covers, rugs, table mats, laptop bags, diaries, puppets & more.
Sow tuberous bedding begonias F1 Hybrid Non-Stop Mixed and Parisienne, which have eyecatching double flowers, and Begonia semperflorens Organdy Mixed, which will give bright blooms from mid-June until the first frosts.
There were crusty old kustureras that had been there forever and I was intrigued by my lola's sampaguitas made of fine ribbon and dainty rosebuds of rolled organdy. Decades later, when I got married, I had my wedding gown embellished with those same flowers.