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also or·gan·die  (ôr′gən-dē)
n. pl. or·gan·dies
A stiff, sheer, usually cotton fabric, used for trim, curtains, and light apparel.

[French organdi, perhaps after Old French Organzi (Urganch), a city of western Uzbekistan.]


or or•gan•die

(ˈɔr gən di)

n., pl. -dies.
a fine, thin cotton fabric usu. having a crisp finish, used for dresses, curtains, etc.
[1825–35; < French organdi, obscurely akin to organsin organzine]
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Noun1.organdy - a sheer stiff muslin
muslin - plain-woven cotton fabric
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She was dressed in the sweetest dress of pale-pink organdy, with dozens of frills and elbow sleeves, and she looked just like a seraph.
My natcos is a black terno serpentine gown with mesh lace overlay and layers of silk organdy fabric with feathers, embellished with navy blue and black sequins and rhinestones; glittered tulle and lace cutouts for the headdress and fan,' said Manilag, with roots in Butuan City, of his creation for the Quezon City stunner.
You will receive 33 each of Geranium F1 Century Mixed, Impatiens World Beater Mixed, Begonia Organdy Mixed (illustrated) and Petunia Frenzy Mixed.
To ensure copulation, insects were maintained collectively in the original container obtained from the commercial supplier (3 L cylindrical cardboard carton covered with organdy cotton cloth).
John Singer Sargent's prized 1896 portrait of Lady Adele Meyer and her children (Elsie Charlotte and Frank Cecil), which has been shown off and on at the Jewish Museum in New York, greets us with the image of a graying, 41-year-old, wealthy English patron of the opera, Lady Meyer, decked out in a pink satin and organdy dress.
Silk charmeuse, crepe de chine, chiffon, organdy, lawn, voile and most synthetic linings are examples of fabrics that typically fall into the sheer to very lightweight category.
Her collars and cuffs were white organdy trimmed with lace and at her neckline she had pinned a purple spray of cloth violets containing a sachet.
They are the embodiment of grace and femininity, impeccably groomed, their uniforms in the softest beige and sky blue, with a perfectly bowed organdy collar, and their hair coiffed and held in place by a clip shaped like an infinity sign.
Turning, Keiko displayed the back of her silk organdy obi.
As per adapted loanwords, 18 cases were found: chantung < shantung, dril < drill, elevador < elevator, galon < gallon, guarandol < warandol, guingham < gingham, jaibolear < high-ball, linolan < linoleum, miting < meeting, organdi < organdy, panque < pancake, plomero < plumber, silka < silk, skiador < skier, sueter < sweater, velveta < velvet, yarda < yard, yersi < jersey.
One of the kaftans on display was created to reflect the luxurious robes worn by the former Ottoman rulers; the second, a lightweight cotton organdy was done in a way to echo the ribs of lead-covered domes of the Istanbul's mosques and palaces, and the third, a white satin coat was inspired by the Byzantine mosaics of Hagia Sophia.
She finds there is another primitive and ferocious self inside her soul that emerges through vocal training and emotional and physical growth, at one point struggling to break out of her shrunken white organdy dress.