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Of or containing arsenic.
A drug or preparation containing arsenic.


(Elements & Compounds) of or containing arsenic
1. (Elements & Compounds) a drug or insecticide containing arsenic
2. (Pharmacology) a drug or insecticide containing arsenic


(ɑrˈsɛn ɪ kəl)

1. containing or relating to arsenic.
2. any of a group of pesticides, drugs, or other compounds containing arsenic.
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Noun1.arsenical - a pesticide or drug containing arsenic
drug - a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic
pesticide - a chemical used to kill pests (as rodents or insects)
Adj.1.arsenical - relating to or containing arsenicarsenical - relating to or containing arsenic; "arsenic vapor"


[ɑːˈsenɪkl] ADJarsénico, arsenical
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Hazardous impact of organic arsenical compounds in chicken feed on different tissues of broiler chicken and manure.
In the beginning, the Sherwin Williams Paint Company (SWPC) sold the organic arsenical line of insecticides including paris green, lead arsenate and others.
Arsenobetaine is also an organic arsenical and is the main arsenic-containing compound found in many fish (Molin et al.
is the chair of the Organic Arsenical Products Task Force, an organization consisting of the producers of organic arsenic products (Drexel Chemical Co, and Luxembourg Industries Ltd.); she is also an employee of Luxembourg Industries Ltd.
Cells expressing any of the mutants remained resistant to MAs(III) (Figure 4A) and were unable to take up the organic arsenical (Figure 4B).
Because the liver is a known target of arsenic, we examined the pathophysiologic and molecular effects of inorganic and organic arsenical exposure on Tg.AC mouse liver in this study.
Carcinogenicity of an organic arsenical, dimethylarsinic acid and related arsenicals in rat urinary bladder [Abstract].

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